How Weather Actually Has A Strong Effect On Baseball

Baseball is played all over the country. Different regions have vastly different weather patterns and even at the same time of year. Different teams practice in different conditions and take that training all across the country. So what kind of difference does the weather make on baseball games? I was surprised to learn about exactly … Read more

What Is The History Of Baseball And Tobacco?

In the heyday of baseball, there was one product that was almost synonymous with the sport. Chewing tobacco has a long history in Major League Baseball and is ingrained in the culture. I always wondered how the tie between the two started, and how the culture of the sport has been changed by the association … Read more

Why Is Baseball The Best Sport?

There is a wide world of sports. Many of them are great for many reasons. I love all kinds of sports. I have a favorite team for nearly every sport you can think of. But there is a special place in my heart for America’s greatest past time. There is no sport like baseball, and … Read more

What Is The Use Of An Indoor Baseball Stadium?

If you have ever been to a major league baseball game, you know the thrill of going to the stadium. The size and wonder of the building, the smell, and the excitement. If you have been lucky enough, you have been to an indoor stadium. I love watching a baseball game from an indoor stadium. … Read more

What Are The Big Reasons Baseball Players Juice?

If you watch professional baseball as much as I do, you get wrapped up in the politics and the inner workings of the game. It’s hard not to get sucked into the culture and become so entranced by all of the news stories that surround the game and the players. Without a doubt, one of … Read more