Best ASA Softball Bats Buying Guide for 2024

This softball bats buying guide brings you some of the best ASA softball bats 2024 that most players are raving about.

Whether you need a slowpitch or fastpitch bat we belief that we have a model that will boost your confidence and oomph on the diamond.

You could carve out a competitive edge for yourself (and your team) by getting a bat that matches your hitting style, height, and weight. And that’s where we come in.

Things to Consider When Choose Asa Softball Bats

hat goes into the making of a softball bat? Looking at the top best bats and the top 5 brands, we ascertained some of the details you ought to be looking for when choosing your bat.

#1. Structure

There are differences in structure that you need to look at when picking the best asa softball bats for you.

  • Single Wall Vs Double Wall

Some of the strictest leagues still insist on players using only single wall asa softball bat designs. The reasons they give is mainly for fair competition.

Nevertheless, most bats nowadays are either double-walled or have multi-wall designs. This is especially the case when it comes to asa bats. Multi-walled asa softball bats are sturdier, more durable, and have thicker barrels, thus, they last longer.

Apart from durability, the layers in the barrels of multi-walled bats offer a trampoline effect which drives the ball further. The barrel being thicker also gives the hitter a wider and longer sweet spot making it easier to score home runs.

Nonetheless, if you play in a league that requires use of single-walled bats only, do not despair. New technologies are offering many different single-walled bats that offer the same advantages of a large sweet spot area and a fantastic trampoline effect as the multi-walled bats.

  • One Piece Vs Two Piece

In a one-piece softball bat, a single material will be used. This gives a stiffer and sturdier bat which has zero flex. This quality is favored by power hitters who want the full impact to send the ball as far out as possible.

On the other hand, two-piece bats are made from two different materials which are then joined together. Instead of relying only on the force of impact, the joint provides the bat with a trampoline effect when hit on the sweet spot, sending the ball flying over the fence.

Another advantage of two-piece bats is that the barrel usually absorbs the after-shocks of impact. Thus, the player does not feel the vibrations on the handle.

  • Balanced Vs End Loaded

Softball bats can be either weight-balanced, end loaded, or max loaded. The most common asa softball bats are the balanced ones. They have an equal weight distribution from the knob to the end-cap. Balanced bats are a favorite of contact hitters and softball players aiming to place the hit on the sweet spot.

An end loaded slowpitch bat usually has a lighter handle and a heavier barrel, with an extra half ounce weight concentrated just next to the end cap. This gives your swing more momentum, a quality favored by power hitters aiming for the fences.

Max loaded bats are just the same as end loaded softball bats, except that they pack a little more weight near the end cap. They are favored by the really big hitters. Please do not use a max loaded bat unless you are sure you can handle it and you have already used the end loaded for a while.

#2. Type of Asa Softball Bats

There are two major types of Asa softball bats, namely asa slowpitch softball bats and asa fastpitch softball bats. Slowpitch softball bats are used in such softball matches where pitching speed is significantly slow.

As a result, slowpitch bats are designed to tackle a ball travelling as slow as 25 mph. Since a slowpitch player has to face a slow-moving ball and has plenty of time to respond, slowpitch bats are heavier, often between 26 and 30 ounces in weight.

Fastpitch bats, in comparison, are designed for such softball games where pitching speeds are significantly higher and a hitter has to respond quickly to a fast-incoming pitch.

Fastpitch bats are designed to hit a softball traveling at 80 mph, so they are lighter in weight and usually range between 23 and 28 ounces in weight.

#3. Dimensions

  • Length

Softball bats range in length from 26 inches to 34 inches. A legal softball bat can’t exceed 34 inches in length. The length of a softball bat is directly tied to its corresponding weight. And both are related to your own height.

If you are taller, you will require a longer bat which will also carry greater weight. A suitable bat sizing chart will enable you to pin down the exact weight and length options that suit your physical prowess.

  • Weight

There is no set standard for the weight of a softball bat. In general, softball bats may range from being less than 60 ounces in weight all the way to more than 180 ounces, depending on the length of the bat.

The greater the length, the more is the weight of a softball bat. On the basis of weight, softball bats can be divided into two types: balanced bats and end-loaded bats. Balanced bats are easier to swing, given more speed and are suitable for players who want to absolutely control their swing momentum.

End-loaded bats are more suited for power hitters who want some extra mass in the barrel which, if they use it effectively, translates into a lot of momentum hitting the ball into longer distances.

Most asa bat models are made in either 26oz, 27oz, 28oz, and 30oz. However, some models also have 25oz and 29oz bats.

Average sized hitters and smaller players prefer bats in the range of 25oz to 27oz. The big power hitters prefer their bats to be in the range of 27oz to 30oz.

#4. Barrel Size

Asa barrels have a constant diameter of 2 ¼ inches and a length of 12” to 14”.

#5. Bat Taper

Asa softball bats have a taper region between the grip and the barrel that is usually about 6” long. The taper region starts from the thin grip then gradually expands in diameter to the 2 ¼ inch diameter of the barrel.

#6. Grip

The handle has a length of 12” and is joined to the barrel by a taper region. The handle or grip is the thinnest part of the bat and has a constant width. It is usually covered in leather or synthetic leather to avoid slipping. Some grips are built with cushioning to absorb vibrations.

At the end of the grip there is a knob attached. This is meant for safety so the hitter does not release the bat while swinging. The knob also aids in protecting against the aftershocks of contact.

#7. Materials

Asa Softball bats are made using three main materials, either metal, composite, or wood.

  • Composite

Composite bats typically offer the greatest performance for hitters on the field. These bats are made from a vast range of composite materials such as graphite, fiberglass and most frequently, carbon fiber.

The material used in the construction of such bats is machine-manufactured and the consequent design of the bat is automated, making the internal structure of these bats very smooth and their barrel highly powerful in hitting.

Due to their high-performance index, composite bats are sometimes banned from certain leagues.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum bats use aluminum as the chief construction material and typically feature thin-walled barrels which are hollow on the inside. Aluminum bats usually have a center of mass which is closer to the handle which enables them to hit an incoming ball farther when compared to a wooden bat.

Aluminum bats are also significantly light-weight and inexpensive which makes them a fairly popular choice among amateur baseball players.

  • Alloy

Alloy is usually the primary material which is used in the construction of single-wall bats. Alloy bats usually make use of pure aluminum or an aluminum mixture in their construction.

These bats have thinner walls, more responsive barrels and slimmer profiles, making them significantly light-weight, quick to swing and also inexpensive when compared to composite bats.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid bats, as the name suggests, combine the advantages of alloy and composite materials. A hybrid bat typically features a light-weight alloy barrel with thin walls and a lot of pop which is coupled with a handle made from composite material.

Such a bat has a significantly larger barrel with a sizable sweet spot while the composite handle is very light-weight and contributes to the overall light-weight profile of the bat. Hybrid bats are also durable but may not last a lot of rough and tough use.

  • Wood

Wooden baseball bats are usually constructed from ash, composite wood, maple or bamboo. Of these, bats made from bamboo wood are the strongest and more durable. On the other hand, ash wood bats are slightly softer which enables them to imitate the trampoline effect of composite and alloy bats.

Power hitters usually prefer maple bats which are hard and stiff, allowing a player to channel greater force into the barrel. Composite wood bats combine the qualities of wood and composite materials. They are very strong, durable and high-performing.

#8. Choosing The right Bat That is Certified for The League That You are Playing in

Different leagues require players to carry bats which conform to a strict set of regulations. For example, some leagues may not allow composite softball bats while others may require you to use only such a bat which carries ASA’s approval tags. Generally, the most famous softball bat certifications are those offered by ASA and USSSA.

These certifications are usually stamped on the exterior of a softball bat, so a bat carrying ASA-approval stamp will be approved for all leagues requiring ASA bats. You should first check the bat requirements with you league before purchasing a softball bat. This will help you narrow down your choice to exactly such bats which are legal in your league.

Top 5 Brands of Asa Softball Bats

superbly designed and well-researched bats, it is increasingly difficult to decide which one takes top position. Each brand has multiple offerings that run across all ages, weights, and lengths. Nonetheless, softball players have voted with their choice of purchase and these are the top 5 brands we came up with.


When you have a DeMarini bat in your hand, you know you have the best quality on offer. Founded in 1989 by Ray DeMarini, the company has grown to be a leader in sport equipment research, development, and design.

The DeMarini company was the leader in introducing composite bats into the softball arena back in the early 2000’s. They have continued to blaze the trail with better offerings in barrel technology, two-piece joining, and creating vibration-free handles.

DeMarini bats are always well proportioned, offer fantastic balance, and are great to swing in a softball match. Because they are mostly two-piece bats, DeMarini bats offer awesome flex capabilities, which is sure to increase the reach of your hit even when you are simply slapping or bunting. The company has a great and interactive customer care team trusted by players and retailers.


Easton Sports Inc. has its headquarters in Van Nuys, California and has operations in Utah, Canada, and Mexico. Easton bats are popular in both softball and baseball circles. They have a tradition of making reliable equipment which do not damage easy.

While they are not always at the forefront of innovative products, all their bats are produced under very strict specifications and backed by one of the best research and development teams in the industry.

For instance, their new Marko Torq line has some great specimens already making a great impact in the 2016 season. If our list was a review of the 6 top bats, we probably would have slotted it for the 6th spot.

From beginner to youth and professional, you will always find an Easton bat that will perfectly fit your needs and your style.

Louisville Slugger

The Louisville Slugger brand has a very rich and interesting history. Anyone who has played softball has probably at one time or another used a Louisville slugger. You can still feel the passion and dedication that goes into making each bat.

They are a top-notch brand grounded in tradition yet with a passion for innovation. Louisville sluggers are popular for their large sweet spots even for BBCOR bats.

All the brand’s bats have breathtaking paint jobs in mesmerizing colors and designs. You feel like you are holding a piece of art.

The caps and grips are always professionally done with very keen attention to detail. Their Xeno line are exquisitely balanced to perfection always with just the right amount of swing weight.

Louisville sluggers almost always have the seamless joints that you don’t get to see very often nowadays with current bats. This gives you a much larger sweet spot and a more fantastic pop.


Miken Sports has its headquarters in Caledonia, MN. Miken was on the forefront of introducing composite bats when it was founded in 1997. The company has forged a name as the manufacturer of choice for all composite bats.

The brand is known for its reliability and its passion in producing superior products. Their ability to anticipate player demands and provide high performance solutions has greatly endeared them to professional players from all across the nation.

The new 2016 Miken lines are awesome. The Chill-10 is an admirable specimen in every way while the Miken Super Freak lives up to its name in hitting over the fence.

The Miken Ultra II line has dominated the sport right from junior to senior leagues. However, recently there has been grumbling from players about easy breaking and poor customer service. We hope they will quickly improve on that.


Mizuno was established in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno in Osaka, Japan as a Japanese Sportswear and Sports equipment company. Since 1913, Mizuno has been making baseball and softball balls, bats, and gloves.

With a worldwide presence and a very innovative research and development team, the Mizuno brand is known for high performance equipment and high end products. With a Mizuno bat in your hand, you will never be nervous about stepping up to the plate.

Mizuno bats have a fantastic pop to it and you can always get the best, even within the BBCOR range. Nonetheless, they should improve on the grip. They are not as comfortable as other premium brands and this may affect your swing.

If you like colors, then the graphics on each piece is amazing. Makes you feel like the Evel Knievel of softball every time you step up to the plate.


ort in the field. One question that most of our readers ask is, ‘’Can I use my fastpitch bat for a slow-pitch game and vice versa?’’

Well, while it is possible to use either of the 2 bats in any type of softball, experts recommend against it. There is a high chance of damaging your fastpitch bat if you used it for slowpitch softball given its lightweight design.

On the other hand, it might be somewhat difficult to respond to a high-velocity pitch on time when using a heavy slowpitch bat.

Bottomline: Get the right bat for the right game. Of importance, get a model with a well-balanced weight to allow you excellent swings and control. It should also offer you a good and steady grip to allow you to exhibit your mastery of the game with confidence.