BBCOR Bats Buying Guide for 2024 Season

As usual, Manufacturers have launched 2024 BBCOR bat models at this time. We have spent a lot of times to test these bats and below are the bats that we think they are the best BBCOR bats for 2024.

The top in our list is the Marucci 2024 CAT 9 Connect. You can check our reviews about this bat at here and don’t forget to check our 2023 bats list that we also recommended below.

Best BBCOR Bats for 2023 Season

BBCOR Bat Construction

BBCOR comes refer to such bats which are constructed in such a way that they meet the BBCOR certification. BBCOR stands for ‘Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution’ and this certification ensures that the performance of a BBCOR bat does not exceed a certain limit.

BBCOR bats can be constructed from composite, aluminum or wooden materials. As per the BBCOR certification, these bats must be constructed in such a way that there barrel diameter must never exceed 2 5/8 inches and their overall length must not be more than 36 inches.

Also, the length to weight ratio of the BBCOR bats must not exceed -3. The bats that are constructed using these guidelines are then BBCOR-certified and become eligible for use in such leagues where BBCOR bats are required.

How to Choose The Right BBCOR Bat

baseball like a pro who like has years and years of experience then all you may require is to use the best bbcor bats. Choosing the best, however, does not come on a silver platter, it can be very challenging and tough whether it is your first time or not.

In line with our commitment, we would like you to get the most value out of your money, by giving you a guide on how to go through this process and have no regrets.

The market is flooded with a variety of bats while the manufacturers have continued to modify these bats daily to suit your preferences and need and the right brand.

Many players have confessed to suffer from brand loyalty. And due to this, we want you to get it right the first time you make a buy and so when brand loyalty comes knocking your door you will have nothing to worry.
Here’s is a buying guide and what to look out for in the best bats.

1. Length

The recommended bat length by best BBCOR bats is range 29 – 36 inches. When you are looking out for one ensures that the length of the bat matches your height for great performance and comfort while playing.

Length to Weight Ratio: There is certain length to weight ratio requirements for different leagues that you need to check. Are you looking for a heavy bat or you can swing a light weight bat only? Generally, a maximum length of 36 inches is permitted for bbcor baseball bats.

2. Weight

Bats weight is measured in ounces. There are two types of bbcor bats; end loaded bat weight and a balanced bat weight. Bats with low weight will always give a fast swing speed as compared to heavy bats that will give you more power and strength.

End loaded bats would be best for you if you love hitting wide and far while the balanced weight batters are best for young hitters. A good bat should have low swing weight to help you increase your swing speed.

3. Size

This is another key feature you should look out for. Bats barrel comes in different sizes to give different performance. A barrel is one of the most important assets in a bat reason being it is the place that comes into contact with the ball and determines the type of hit you will experience. You can either be able to hit afar and close or at a close range depending on the type of the size of the barrel. There is a direct relationship between players hit and the size of the barrel. The best bbcor bat should have a diameter of 2 5/8 inches.

4. Bat construction

Is it a one-piece, two-piece or a three-piece bat that you are looking for? If you want more flex you should definitely go for two-piece or three-piece bats. For stiffness lovers, one-piece bats are the best.

  • One piece

This type of bat is constructed using one material only. This makes the bat very stiff. The swinging force is directly transferred to the ball on hitting.

  • Two piece

The barrel and the handle are joined together and made from different materials, for example; composite handle and alloy barrel. This is to increase the barrel’s performance and reduce the vibration. These bats are stronger and more durable as compared to one piece bats.

  • Balanced

The weight of this bat is evenly distributed across the bat. This reduces the overall weight of the bat and giving the batter a fast swing speed.

  • End Loaded

The weight of the bat is concentrated t the end of the barrel near the cap. This type of bat is hard to control. They require heavy batters who are able to use a lot of force when hitting the ball to generate a fast swing hitting the ball far and wide. They are highly recommended to experienced batters.

5. Material

Bbcor bat is made using wood, aluminum, alloy, composite and hybrid. Different materials give the bat different performance. This well illustrates why it is important to understand which the best bat material to go, its pros and cons when it comes to performance and most of all if it is an all weather bat. This will help you shop for the best. Some bats are also made of two or more materials in order to increase their performance, feel and experience while playing.

  • Composite: These types of bats are made by mixing graphite and carbon materials. It is best for you as a player if you love to hit far and wide. Unfortunately, it is not a hot out of its wrapper and it will require breaking in from time to time until it can fully perform its best. Some leagues, however, will not allow the use of bats made of composite materials due to increase in performance over time. One of the biggest hitches of these bats is their inability to t withstand harsh weather, neither very high temperatures nor cold temperatures.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum bats are very light in weight as compared to the rest. They give you the best trampoline effect, on hitting the baseball; the barrel will bend inwards and thrusts the ball outside at a very high speed. This will give you a great thrust force and allow you to hit very far. It is a hot out bat and does not require breaking out.
  • Wood: old is gold. For centuries to date wood bats have been used by players all over the world and their performance is always one of its kind. The manufacturers have since then modified these bats to only having few parts in the bat composing of the wood to meet the required bbcor standards and remain competitive in the market as well as suit the player’s preferences.

6. Grip

A solid and comfortable grip is required for a bat. The micro-perforated grip is among the technologies employed on bbcor bats to enhance better handling. This makes it easy to handle and use through the game. Irrespective of the period of play, having a comfortable grip ensures the player can concentrate better on the game hence better performance.

7. Swinging speed

The bat’s swinging speed is determined by length and weight among other factors. It is important to choose a bat that is easy and fast to swing as this enhances speed and better performance in the game.

8. Vibration

Vibration is a common occurrence in some types of bats. It is important to choose a bat that is created with anti-vibration technology, and this makes it comfortable to handle and use.

9. Cost

Choice of material and design of the bat are among the factors that determine the cost of the bat. While it is an important consideration, quality, and other factors should be put into consideration while choosing the bat. It is important to seek for assistance in choosing the right piece from coaches and trainers before choosing the right bat.

10. Drop of BBCOR Bats

Drop in bats is generally the difference between the length and weight ratios. The higher the drop, the lighter the bat is and the lower the drop the heavy the bat is. The higher the drop weights the more power and swinging speed you will receive while hitting.

  • Drop 3

A bat length is measured in inches and the weight in ounces. The difference between the two figures is the drop of a bat. A drop 3 bat should be approximately 30 inches in length and weigh around 30 ounces and never below. The best quality bats should have a minimum of drop 3. This is also the recommended bat weight by bbbcor standards.

Important note

Keep in mind that for a bbcor baseball bat, bbcor certification is of utmost importance. You cannot, at any cost, compromise at this!

BBCOR certified bats bear a bbcor 0.5 certification mark. This mark is very important and everywhere it is checked before allowing the players to use these bats.

Bbcor certification ensures that the trampoline effect is regulated so that the players remain safe while playing in professional baseball leagues.

There is a strict condition for High school and college bats to have a BBCOR certified stamp on the right direction. For pony leagues bat with USSSA stamps are allowed.

11. BBCOR Bat Brands

Whether you are a frequent buyer, or this will be your first buy, we always recommend a player going for the best bbcor bat brands. These bats have been constructed to fit all your needs and preference while playing from the bat barrel, sweet spot, handle, and the drop of the bats, manufacturer’s specs and the pros and cons of these bats. They will give you comfort and great performance while playing.

  • Easton bbcor bats

Easton’s bats weight comes in well balanced while swing giving you a great performance. The bat produces very minimal vibration and transfers energy from the batter to the barrel very quickly while playing. The bat is made using the Thermo composite technology which gives you a great contact zone and a great speed. The bat has been ranked to having the lowest MOI ratio.

The presence of 31/32 inch barrel handle helps the player to greatly focus energy on the ball while hitting the ball and reduce vibration in the barrel handle. The handle is wrapped with a hyper skin to give you the best grip in a high-speed swing; it also helps in keeping your hands safe from all form of injuries and burns. It has a diameter of 2 5/8 inches to enhance the sweet pot and lower moment of inertia.

Despite this barrel being ranked among the best bbcor bats, it has a short life span and a player would be required to keep on buying a new piece every season.

  • Demarini

This is one of the best bbcor bat brands. Demarini has different designed models of bats that are carefully designed to suit different players’ preferences. The manufacturer has maximized on the bats power and performance while hitting the ball.

The bats are light in weight and with a big barrel size that is just perfect to give you high speed while swinging allowing you to hit far and wide. The batter uses less energy as its vibration is also greatly reduced.
It is available as a one-piece composite or two composite bats. The two composite bat works best for young baseball players as it has less weight.

However, this barrel performs best if it is used in hot weather, it may thus not be the best toy for players who prefer playing during cold weather.

The bat is of a high quality that is highly priced. It is available in different colors from white, silver and black
Some of the best Demarini brands include; Demarini CF8 bbcor baseball bat, Demarini Voodoo bbc.or baseball bat

  • Louisville Slugger

The bat has continuously received the best review over the last three years consecutively. The one piece composite bat is fitted with SL alloy material which will transfer just the right amount of energy from you to the baseball. If this is your first barrel chances are high that you will buy and buy this bat season in season out due to its performance.

It is a three composite bat brand with its pieces being joined together with FCS design. The handle of this bat is tailor-made to give you the best grip while playing keeping you safe from burns and relaxed. The use flex-band technology during manufacturing has given the bat the best swing weight to sweet pot ratios.

The speed across the various bats varies. Among the best brands by Louisville Slugger are; prime bbcor 3 and ohama series, solo 617 among many others.

  • Marucci

It is a real game changer. It is manufactured using AZ4X alloy material. The barrel is well balanced to give smooth swinging and to offer more trampoline effect to the ball on contact. It has a large sweet spot with no dead ends thus giving you that great performance and experience.

This bat is very fairly priced despite it making to the top list of the best bbcor bat. You may consider going for it when you don’t want to spend so much.Some of marucci best brand are marucci cat 7 bbcor bat,

  • Mizuno

With the recent modification son this brand on its features from strength, consistency and great balance while swinging; it has drawn the attention of many players. It is a one-piece composite bat manufactured from composite materials. The large sweet spot offers a low swing weight. This barrel is best for great baseball hitters.

The bat has a long shelf life of one to two seasons. Best mizuno bats include; Mizuno Combat Maxum bbcor bats

12. The Weather You Playing

Bats are made from different materials, from aluminum, hybrid, alloy, composite and wood. It is thus very important before you go out playing to consider the material of your bat. This will act as a guide top you which is the best weather to play in, for instance, aluminum bats can’t withstand temperatures below 50 degrees while wooden bats would have no effect in such cold temperatures.

BBCOR Bats and Cold Weather

BBCOR bats come constructed from a variety of materials. Not all of these materials fare well in cold weather. In fact, composite bats are highly unsuited to very cold temperatures. Composite BBCOR bats may stop performing well in temperatures below 60 degrees and they will be at a higher risk of cracking if used in such cold weather.

Aluminum bats, on the other hand, are able to withstand cold weather far better and may continue to perform well. The safest best for playing baseball in cold weather are wooden BBCOR bats.

The performance of wooden BBCOR bats remains absolutely unaffected no matter how cold the temperature is. This means that during the winter season, you can rely on the consistency of your wooden BBCOR bat and can continue to play with it.

Why BBCOR Bats are used?

e most important reason is that BBCOR bats have a maximum performance limit. This means that the baseball hit with a BBCOR bat usually does not exceed a certain speed limit.

Such limitation is significant because it ensures the safety of the players on the field. By ensuring that a bat conforms to the BBCOR certification, any league can be sure that its players are not hitting the baseball so hard as to put the players at the risk of injury.

How to take care the BBCOR Baseball Bats?

y important. For a start, many bat companies will follow the warranty process only if they are sure that you took good care of the bat. So how do you take care of your BBCOR baseball bat?

When it comes to aluminum BBCOR bats, you need to make sure that you don’t use the bat in temperatures below 60 degrees. This is important because although an aluminum bat can perform well in such weather, the baseball gets hard and dense.

And when you hit it with an aluminum bat, it can dent the bat. Another good tip is to make it your personal bat and not share it with the whole team or use it during practice sessions. For practice sessions, have a spare bat or if you must use your aluminum bat, use leather balls.

For wooden bats, try to store it in a perfectly dry place. Also, wooden BBCOR bats tend to incur many small dents from hitting, which is perfectly natural. You can take care of this by rubbing the bat with a bone which will buff out the dents and smooth the surface.

For composite BBCOR bats, store them in a dry and secure place. And do not use composite bats in extremely cold weather as this can cause them to crack.

Comparison Between Aluminum, Composite and Wood BBCOR Bats

  • Aluminum BBCOR bats

Aluminum BBCOR bats are constructed from aluminum or aluminum alloy materials. These bats are typically more cost effective than the BBCOR bats made from any other material. The advantages of using aluminum BBCOR bats are that these bats come with a very durable construction and they carry a significantly low price tag.

Aluminum BBCOR bats are also not very heavy and are incredibly effective in the hands of a power player. These bats don’t damage easily and even in very cold weathers where composite bats are compromised, aluminum bats continued to perform well.

One slight drawback of aluminum bats is that they tend to have a stiff structure and although that helps you channel the maximum amount of your swing momentum into the barrel, that also means that you feel sting or feedback on your hands when hitting with such a bat.

  • Composite BBCOR bats

Composite BBCOR bats offer top-of-the-line performance on the plate. These bats are made from composite materials and typically come with significantly high price tags. But that is because these are the top performing bats and let you hit hard and far.

Composite bats come with a larger sweet spot compared to aluminum bats and they tend to be lighter. As a result, you are able to swing them fast and with accuracy when hitting and you are able to hit the incoming baseball more accurately.

Another significant advantage of using a composite bat is that when hitting with it, you will feel minimum to no sting or feedback on your hands. A slight drawback of the composite bats is that compared to most other BBCOR bat materials, composite bats are more expensive.

But if top performance is your top priority, buying a composite BBCOR bat is a sound investment. A point to remember regarding composite BBCOR bats is that you can’t used them in very cold weather. They stop performing very well in cold temperatures and are prone to damage quickly if used in temperatures below 60 degrees.

  • Wood BBCOR bats

Wood BBCOR bats are constructed entirely from wood and carry the classic traditional look of a baseball bat. One of the most overwhelming advantages of a wood BBCOR baseball bat is that they tend to be less expensive that composite or aluminum bats.

Although the wood bats are usually lighter than aluminum bats, they are heavier than composite bats. Wood baseball bats may come with durability issues and only the best quality wood BBCOR bats can last as long as aluminum or composite bats.

  • The Best Choice

In order to choose the BBCOR bats which is perfect for you, you need to determine your preferences. These include a look at your budget, a look at your hitting needs and your hitting style, as well as your taste.

For example, if you are very low on budget and yet want to go with a good enough BBCOR bat, a solid wood BBCOR bat will fit the bill nicely.

On the other hand, if you have no money cares and simply want the best, top-performing BBCOR bat, you should choose from one of the composite BBCOR bats.

In terms of your hitting style, if you are a power hitter and rely more on your own hitting force, an aluminum bat can very well suit you. An aluminum BBCOR bat is very effective in channeling that force into the barrel and letting you hit farther.

If you want to rely more on the trampoline effect and the performance of the barrel to do the job well, you should go with a composite bat. If you have already perfected your hitting style and know that you can hit accurately without relying a lot on the performance of a barrel, perhaps a wood BBCOR bat would be a better choice since it suits expert hitters better. At the end of the day, it is all about what you need in your game.


rt of the players are of paramount importance and hence the need to select the best bbcor bats 2023.

This is a great way to enhance the performance of the player and as well ensure endurance irrespective of the time spent with the bat.

To finish off, keep these factors in mind, make a check list and go out there to look for the bat that fits perfectly according to your specifications.